Corona! Why now? I suppose there is never a good time for a pandamic. I cannot complain too much since many people have it far worse with the outbreak but I’ll take this time to vent a little.

My plan was to go to Spain around late april/early may to live the climbers’ lifestyle. For a few months now I was preparing to get started with this trip, it was all I could think about. With the situation as it is though, it is hard to make any plans for traveling, especially to Spain. None of us unfortunately know how long this situation will last, it’s just something we have to accept for now.

I knew my trip would be delayed, so I started making plans to travel to some bouldering area as a way to sate my lust. When the Dutch government closed down gyms, I was rushing to find a way to leave. I figured I’d bike to Fontainebleau, about a 3 day trip. Soon a friend of mine pointed out that this was not recommended and dangerous to local communities. I started seeing climbers everywhere warn against doing exactly this. It was hard for me to accept, as I’ve been aching to climb outdoors for a long while now. Without this trip it will surely take a long time before I get to.

Found a small boulder to keep busy for a bit

From the start of the news around Corona I was afraid it would interfere in this way. It wasn’t extremely unexpected, but it regressed my mental state again. Those who’ve read my first blog will know that I used to isolate myself alot. A few years ago this quarantine could have gone by for me without me noticing. Now, at the moment my mind is set on exploration, we all have to stay home.

Now, I’m starting to see the positive side of this (not the disease but my delay). I was extremely unprepared to leave on this trip. This extra time will be used to plan out my travels, to make sure I make the most out of it. Blogposts about this will soon follow.

In the end we’re all in this boat together, let’s beat this disease and return as stronger people after the quarantine! Good luck to anyone and much love to all you heroes in hospitals and the like <3

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